Hello, hello, turn your radio on;
Is there anybody out there?
Help me sing my song.
La, la, la, life is a strange thing.
Just when you think you learned how to use it,
It’s gone.

– Lyrics for Hello (Turn Your Radio On) by Shakespears Sister

Life is indeed a strange thing, and most people will never truly learn to live it, but instead will shuffle in a daze from birth to death, chasing the dream of what others tell them their life should be. As social animals, humans look to those around them to see what constitutes acceptable behavior and, for the most part, work to blend into the herd. However, looking to the herd for answers means that you are subject to the fickle norms of the herd, as well as the objectives of those who manipulate these norms to their own ends.

Over human existence, countless people have tried to answer the question, “Why am I here?”, “What purpose does my life serve?” and “How should I live my life?”. In my writing, I attempt to answer these questions for myself based on my observations of life, culture, and my readings from religion, psychology, and philosophy. Where I can find a little humor that illustrates the point, I will add that as well (“In Other Words” links).

I do not believe there is “One True Answer” to how everyone should best live their life. What makes sense to me may not make sense to you based on your circumstances and background. In the end, it’s your life – you can either let others dictate how you live it via religion and culture, or you can think for yourself and work out your own course. I hope that the answers I have come up with for myself are helpful to you in your life’s journey.

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